We approach improvisation as conversation.

An exciting mix of music, words, dance and images...

Circles of Compassion’ – it’s a fabulous wonderful concoction of expression and musical exploration, and I’m green with jealousy that I wasn’t there to add even more to the kaleidoscope of colours!!” – Wendy Nieper, classical and jazz singer

“It was great, not what I expected, but it was great”
“Just ridiculously, brilliantly bonkers”
“We loved it, super, yes amazing”
Audience feedback 2019

Happy bassist (photo by Maggie Selway)
Robert Perry
Matthew F Morris
Matthew F Morris
Katie Elliot
Katie Elliott
Adrian Gibson
Adrian Gibson
Andrew Mckenzie
Andrew McKenzie
Emma Holbrook (Photo by Alex Tabrizi)
Emma Holbrook
Eve Loiseau
Eve Loiseau
Benedict Perkins
Benedict Perkins

Collaborators so far...

Daniela Losasso

Daniela Losasso - singer
Singer and arranger

Chloë Jacquet

Chloë Jacquet - poet
Photograph by Maxime Jacquet

Charlie Chitty

Charlie Chitty. Photo by Mouse About Town.
Photograph by Mouse About Town

Toby Simiah

Hip hop artist