My interest in spoken word and theatre has been part of the vision for Periscope Ensemble, my first experience was Zappa, where the performance creates a ‘feast for the eyes and where the brain is fed with music, poetry, prose and singing.’

With these ideas in mind the catalyst for the ensemble was finding the right people – and who were as excited about the project as I was. ‘The written music is just a starting point’; ‘as the composer and player in the group, I want to be surprised by the other contributors to my music’. 

From the musical aspect it is open to everyone to consider the melody, any written harmony and to re-harmonise if inspired, to play or stop playing as influenced by the ensemble.
The most important outcome is to create a conversation – like a string quartet, with equally weighted input. It is my intention to move away from the usual format of soloing instruments sitting on the rhythm section.