12 Piano Scores for Improvisation and Exploration. £12 + P&P

Exciting selection of Periscope Ensemble’s repertoire arranged for piano by their composer and bassist, Robert J Perry.

Musician friendly wire bound open flat format!

FREE scores for B♭ and E instruments. Chord symbols included for guitar/bass. Link below.
Download scores here.
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Customer feedback

Bonjour Monsieur Perry. I’m back! Just to say, thank you for your Portraits book. I love the concept, and the human stories, the photos and people introduced along the way. The pieces are fun, and allow plenty of scope for improvisation. I enjoyed reading the pieces and meandering through them, seeing where the harmonies took me. I hope you’ve had lots of great feedback from lots of people! Are you back out there now with the Periscope Ensemble? Let me know when you’re next making an appearance somewhere in the world! Keep spreading the love! 🥰 – Alex Steele (jazz pianist)

“Hi Robert – All I can say is wow. By the way – what I really loved was your stories of your inspirations. The people who inspired your composing. That’s really unique and personal.” C. Mountain