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“Good morning! 😊
Today is a special day for me.

My first arrangement came out in collaboration with Robert Perry!!

🌹 Portrait of Corinna 🌹

The musica of this song is Robert’s and I thought about how it could be coloured all around. The voice is mine.

Portrait of Corinna is a painting.
The thought that is born and becomes a voice, without words, is already all expressed. In vowel sounds and arrangement there is all the saying and everything to say. Portrait of Corinna is a painting, alive.

I don’t know what prompted me to write every note of this arrangement, maybe a life I already know.

I felt an irrepressible impulse when I saw it and I had to do it, I had already said it I think.

This is the first of the others we’re going to do with Robert, I’ve started another one already and I feel the same things. I started and I don’t know how it’s going to end and that’s what happened with Portrait: I put the pencil on (sometimes I still do😅) and boh, I wrote!

I told you about this arrangiamento musicale a while ago and now you can listen to it. Below the link👇👇👇 
P.S.: special thanks to my friend Silvia Prèmici who played the piano (written by me!🙈)

Video link is HERE.
Daniela Losasso arrangement is on Soundcloud”

Daniela Losasso - singer
Daniela Losasso - singer, arranger and collaborator.
Silvia Prèmici (Pianoforte)
Silvia Prèmici - Pianoforte

Last Legs Dance Theatre performed as part of Robin Watkins – Davis installation of her project ‘SHIFT Festival’ in St Laurence Church Stroud (October 2019).

The aim of the festival was to share creative practices with people to create an environment which facilities a SHIFT in perspective, state of mind and mood. In her own words “Movement and art has been a massively useful tool in my life and I want the program to offer people a choice of arts so that they can experience a ‘SHIFT’ and to find the right creative tool…”.

Shift Festival with dancers Peter Anderson and Marie Louise Flexen
Shift Festival with dancers Peter Anderson and Marie Louise Flexen
Shift brochure
Shift brochure text
Door Poems cover
Door Poems cover, Artwork by Naomi Powell

Door Poems

After working with Steve Dalachinsky on a project with Pete Wyer I asked Steve if he could recommend some of his poetry for me set to music. Door Poems was his choice.

As a composer they were very challenging as most of  have very few words. The piano part allows the voice free rein of it’s range whist exploring the higher and lower octaves. Door poem No. 7 is omitted.

I was extremely happy with the resulting music.

The last piece ‘How Sad Is That?’ was played so beautifully at the recording session that I  include it on this CD.
Released July 17, 2018

Wendy Nieper – voice, Lee Axford – piano.

Mystery Music Duets

Reimagined versions of my music composed for the Gloucester Mystery Plays. Performed here by by Matthew F Morris – Eb Clarinet and Lee Axford – piano.
In the studio session we added some improvisation sections that were not in the original theatre production. Matthew and Lee rose to the challenge beautifully.

Lee Axford, Matthew Morris. Pic by Alex Tabrizi
Lee Axford, Matthew Morris. Pic by Alex Tabrizi
Mystery Music CD cover
Artwork by Hannah Beth Evans

‘The music, by Cheltenham based Robert Perry, played with flair by the mixed instrument Company of Friends Quartet, felt not just apt, but inspired.’ 

Review from The Church Times: 4th January 2012 by Roderic Dunnett

Listen to samples here.

Gloucester Mystery Plays Brochures

A commission for the Gloucester Mystery Plays. A well-known concept around the world which tells the story from the beginning of the world, the birth and death of Jesus and the path of damnation with each telling being devised for the current curators.

With a cast of 50 and 4 musicians (L to R) Ben Lewis, Helen Terry, Matthew Morris and Sam Gerard.

Perry’s brief was to give the flavour of Middle Eastern music to provided a variety of moods and colours to support the action.

Gloucester Mystery Players musicians
Gloucester Mystery Players musicians

Insomnia Poems

Steve Dalachinsky / poems / voice
Pete M Wyer / composer / guitar
Evelyne Beech / soprano
Chris Cundy / bass clarinet/saxophone
Robert Perry / electric bass

Pete M. Wyer presents ‘Insomnia Poems’ – a 61 minute work in 17 sections, each based on  Steve Dalachinsky ‘Insomnia Poems’.

This is ‘Live at Cafe Oto’ 2019 version.

Insomnia Poems was first performed for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Jazz on 3’ in January 2009 and broadcast on March 23rd 2009. Available here !

Insomnia poems - Cafe Oto 2019
Insomnia poems - Cafe Oto 2019